About us

The first year of the World cup in selected dance disciplines took place in December 2014. At that time it was called OSTRAVSKÁ VLOČKA and Ostrava was declared the European City of Sport. The first year was very successful, almost 500 dancers from all over Europe took part in it.

The second year was held in December 2019 and the competition was renamed to DANCE OSTRAVA GRAND PRIX.

The third year of the competition DANCE OSTRAVA GRAND PRIX was supposed to take place in October 2020. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we moved the competition to December and the entire competition was online, when the contestants sent recordings of their dance performances, followed by a jury evaluation. All results were announced live on 30.12.2020 and we subsequently sent medals, cups and diplomas to all awarded winners. It was a special period and an indescribable experience. 

The fourth year of the DANCE OSTRAVA GRAND PRIX took place in October 2021. As with the third year, we didn’t know until the last moment whether the competition would have to be online again, luckily the competition took place as it should and we were all able to enjoy the competition atmosphere and the great performances of all participating competitors again after the previous covid year. 

The fifth year of the competition took place in October 2022, when for the first time it included the 2022 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP in the triple combination of Caribbean and Latin American dances under the world dance organization WADF (WORLD ARTISTIC DANCE FEDERATION). This year had the largest number of competing dancers so far, which was almost 1000. That year we added MEMORIAL PETRA ČUBAN DANCE OSTRAVA GRAND PRIX 2023 before the name of World cup. This was done in honor of the co-founder of the competition, who tragically died and went to dancing heaven.



The 6th year of the PETRA CUBAN MEMORIAL – DANCE OSTRAVA GRAND PRIX competition and the second year of the WADF WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP took place in October 2023. We used the dignified premises of the newly built Campus on Černá Louka in Ostrava. The competition was held with the support of the city of Ostrava and the governor of the Moravian-Silesian region took over the patronage. We would also like to thank everyone who participated in the preparation of the 6th grade for their support. We presented Ostrava as a city that supports dance and thus becomes known to the general public not only at home, but also abroad. 

Our big thanks goes to the city of OSTRAVA!!!, the district of SLEZSKÁ OSTRAVA!!! and also to the MORAVIAN-SILESIAN REGION, who support the competition every year with a financial donation and also small gifts for the jury and contestants.

We also thank the Governor of the Moravian-Silesian Region, Prof. Ing. Ivo Vondrák, CSc., who took over the patronage of the entire competition in recent years.

The organizer of the competition is the association PIERRO FORTE, z.s. together with the Pierro Forte Dance Club.

Our motto is “DANCE IN THE HEART”.